Cruiser Glow LED Lights – Glow to Go!

Cruiser Glow – LED Bike Lights are the bike lights of the future. These lights are extremely bright and are specifically designed with color changing fun, durability, and safety in mind. We offer several custom solutions from occasional to heavy duty use. Glow to GO!

Cruiser Glow – LED Bike Lights are available in three different lengths and are easily mountable anywhere on your bike...or any where else too. Each light set comes with 19 different modes and 20 different colors with an easy to use 3 button inline controller. Settings range from solid colors to smooth fades, strobing colors to jumping colors. Speed up or slow down the color changes or flashes to create different effects.

Night time cycling can be dangerous even with proper front and tail lights. By adding Cruiserglow you can ensure that every car on the road sees you. With up to 150 super bright LEDs in each bike light strip, you will be the brightest thing on two wheels. Give the gift of safety, the life you save could be your own.

All Cruiserglow LED strips are double density ultra bright RGB LEDs for extreme glow. They are completely sealed in silicone for maximum weatherproofing while still allowing flexibility. Our kits allow you to quickly strap glow onto anything which makes it great for many uses other than bicycle.


Original LED Kit

The flexible LED strip will make sure you get seen at night. With the provided mini controller you can change the brightness, solid colors, modes, and speed of the modes. Great for cycling, backpacking, camping, or anywhere you want extreme glow to go.

Kit Includes:

  • 14 Inches, 21 Super Bright 5050 RGB LEDs, IP68 Waterproof Strip.
  • 3 Button Inline Controller, 20 Solid colors, 19 Dynamic Modes
  • 8 x AA Battery Holder with Adjustable Straps (batteries not included)

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Ni-Mh LED Kit

Premium Ni-Mh battery pack and charger included! This will pay for itself after a few charges compared to using alkaline batteries. The charger is specifically designed to plug, charge, and go. All the connections, inline controller, and battery pack are ALL WATERPROOF. Also added is flex armor around the cables to make them stronger. The LEDs are our premium color changing waterproof strip.Different settings will produce a much longer battery life such as the "flash" setting will last an entire week. These are great for bicycles but also fantastic for festivals, camping, vending, or anywhere you want glow to go.

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Cruiser Glow Features:

14 Inch, 3 Foot, 5 Foot and 8 Foot Lengths Available
Up to 150 Extremely Bright, High Density LEDs
Multiple Color Changing Patterns
Three Button Inline Controller
Ni-Mh Rechargeable Pack - 2500mAHConnections
IP68 Rainproof Coating
Extreme Safety
Triangle Adjustable Pouch Connections (Ni-Mh Kit)
Waterproof and Dust Proof Connections (Ni-Mh Kit)
Smart Charger Included (Ni-Hm Kit)
No Tools Required



14 day limited warranty on battery holder, inline controller and LED strips due to manufacture defects. The warranty does not cover any damage to abuse or improper care. Silicone in the LED strips become very fragile and brittle in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

1 Year warranty on Ni-Mh battery packs and charging unit. Battery packs are water resistant and not intended for submersion applications.

This warranty does not cover physical abuse, improper care, or improper charging.

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